Technology Innovation is changing the battle against wrongdoing.

Technology Innovation is changing the battle against wrongdoing.

Securus Technologies gives a driving edge common and criminal equity innovation arrangements that enhance open wellbeing and modernizes the detainment encounter.

Investigative instruments allow staff members to lead examinations when there is a dissension of badgering or a possible risk to the security of the office or the group.

The global situating framework (GPS) has likewise been a unique resource for law requirement empowering us to all the more efficiently track and explore in neighborhoods while watching and examining criminal exercises in their urban communities.

With signs of progress in innovation hinting at no backing off at any point shortly, Securus Technologies is confident to proceed to profit and develop from these improvements.

Continually, individual information, for example, Social Security numbers, MasterCard numbers, and pins move within the air.

Sadly, the idea of wrongdoing is unmistakably evolving. Crooks have additionally adjusted to headways in innovation and, nowadays, individuals are getting to be casualties of violations conferred over the Internet.

Culprits are bridling advanced innovation to grow the range and increment the effect of their wrongdoings. In any case, propels in innovation additionally give law implementation organizations a tremendous chance to change how they handle wrongdoing.

If you need the best items, at better costs, and require an item set that gives the best security, while at last diminishing relapse, Securus Technologies will be glad to be of assistance.

I needed to pause for a moment to perceive Securus for their LBS program. Using the LBS program in conjunction with other law requirement assets, the sheriff’s area of expertise has recuperated well to the millions in illicit resources, medications, and greenbacks. There is most likely that without this product, our activity in recovering these things would be significantly more troublesome and at times, inconceivable. Here are a few connections that reveal to us more about progressions made by our organization.


Can Fabletics take a bite out of the Amazon Apple

Of course you have heard of by now – you’d have to be a Martian not to have had many orders from them reach your home. But, have you heard of the young upstart that has taken aim at Amazon’s athletic apparel market share? It’s a good story.


Long ago, Amazon blasted onto the eCommerce market like a volcano. Its lava reached all over the globe, from books to shoes and from computers to pencils. Over time, Amazon captured %20 of the eCommerce apparel market. Of course, there are many other competitors in the clothing marketplace, but Amazon still dominates.


What Does Fabletics have that Amazon Doesn’t?

Enter Fabletics. Fabletics is based on two principals: subscriptions and superior customer service. In this way, Fabletics, also an eCommerce creature, debuted a line of fitness wear, seeking to attract some customers away from Amazon.


Both Fabletics and Amazon elected to bypass the malls and showrooms of the pre-eCommerce days and go directly to customers through the internet. How could tiny Fabletics hope to succeed against the established giant?


Customer Service and Subscription Control: The Fabletics Secret

Fabletics has a few attributes that Amazon can’t claim. First, Fabletics began and continues to function on a subscription basis. When you make your first purchase, you register for a subscription. However, to prevent customers from feeling burdened by the subscription, Fabletics adds personal control of the subscription to each customer. So, when you join a book club, you get a book every few weeks or so whether or not you have finished the previous books.


The twist on Fabletics subscription is that you can stop delivery of any order you don’t want by simply logging into your account before the stated date – super easy. Otherwise you can expect a personally-selected, excellent quality fitness outfit delivered to your door each month.


Oh, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep it – pretty simple, eh? That’s where the customer service enters the picture. No fuss about returns and your account is credited for whatever you return.


Another Attribute of your Personalized Subscription

When you join the Fabletics VIP club (the subscription) you take a short survey about your fitness behaviors and clothing preferences. That quiz is the foundation of your fitness wardrobe. A Fabletics stylist creates your first subscription delivery from that list.


As you accept or return items, the stylist registers your preferences and refines the selections she makes for you each month. You are not receiving the exact same outfit that three of your neighbors on the block receive; you are sent an outfit selected to meet your needs and your taste – a curated collection of clothing just for you.


Fabletics uses Customization to Compete with Amazon

By providing excellent customer service in terms of returns and skipped deliveries, supported by supplying each customer with a curated fitness collection, Fabletics is providing a service that Amazon cannot supply. So, maybe Amazon is still secure in its business foundation, but Fabletics seems destined to take a tiny bite out of their apparel line.

Make Working Out More Enjoyable With Fabletics

Fabletics has made working out so much easier and more enjoyable. Fabletics is a very trendy athletic apparel company that was started back in 2013 by Kate Hudson and her partners. Hudson started Fabletics as a way to offer women cute and affordable workout clothes. Fabletics is very simple to use and they offer a ton of different great workout items.


Fabletics is an online subscription service. When users sign up they will receive a subscription box at their door every month. It is very simple to use.


To get started with Fabletics simply visit their website and answer a few short questions. Some of the questions they ask include what type of patterns you like to wear as well as what type of exercises you like to perform. This will help guarantee users get an outfit they can use and enjoy.


Once users have completed the questionnaire they can then sign up to receive a box every month. Boxes will arrive around the first of the month and are filled with two to three high quality pieces of workout gear. Each month boxes will continue to arrive until users skip or cancel. Cancelling is simple just visit the website before the 5th of the month to skip or cancel your membership.


General membership for Fabletics is free however the subscription box membership which is there VIP membership is $49.95 a month. This includes two to three high quality pieces of work out gear as well fast and free shipping. Users can also purchase additional pieces of workout gear.


Some of the top bloggers have reviewed and loved fabletics. Krazy Coupon Lady which is one of the top online review sites raves about the ease and convenience of getting your workout clothes shipped straight to your door. Krazy Coupon Lady also highly enjoyed the affordable cost and unique patterns. Another great review was from a foodie stays fit. A foodie stays fit is a top fitness and fashion blog known for their great reviews and articles. They raved about the unique patterns and comfort of the fabletics workout gear.


Many other top reviewers and bloggers have tried and loved fabletics. They offer a great line of workout clothes that are both unique and very affordable. One of the best things about Fabletics is each month you have a new unique workout outfit. It makes working out so much more fun and enjoyable.

Securus brings Christmas to Correction Facilities

Securus Technologies offers several services to customers. It recently invented a video messaging service. People that are busy never have time looking for a living. In case they want to visit their loved ones in correction facilities, they can hardly find time. The only time they have is to communicate through phone calls. The video messaging service was introduced to serve these individuals. It is now possible for friends and families to contact their loved ones in jail. The service is cheaper compared to other phone calls, so this means that inmates save a lot of money.


Securus Technologies is a company headquartered in Dallas. It has been critical for prisoners and their families. The company serves more than three thousand correction facilities in the North America region. Securus is an industry leader too. The nature of services rendered by the corporation are of excellent quality.


The Securus Video Visitation program is unlike any other product in the industry. It provides a crystal clear video with enhanced data transfer. Apart from that, engineers at Securus Technologies ensure there no glitches during the video call. The result is a video technology that is easy to use and is user-friendly. Anyone with an access to a tablet, smartphone or computer can make use of the communication service.


The team behind the exclusive product are dedicated professionals from Securus Technologies. The company has grown to be the largest providers of prison communication equipment within the United States. Established in 1986, Securus is a company famous for its safety solutions. Emergency response services related to the product have been applied in more than 3,400 correction facilities. Securus is also one of the few company that establishes fair calling rates. Securus Technologies has its innovations represented by over 140 patents. The number has made Securus the largest firm in the industry which spends considerable revenue in development and research services.


All that one needs for communication with the video program is a public computer with a web camera and an internet connection. Requestors should also create an account through visiting the website. New visitations to the account have to be approved before one can make a visit. In case a requester has not made a request for the account, one cannot make a phone call with the services. It is highly recommended that one applies for an account immediately. Additional services has seen visitors download the Securus Video app via the Android devices. The convenience with the application has made it possible for outsiders to conduct visits right from their mobile devices.

Andy Wirth Takes Chairman Position for Airport Authority in Nevada

The mountains of Nevada and California offer a seasonal powder that brings people from all over the world to the area. The snow covers the mountains that are prepared for skiers to go down safely. This year the snow season was questionable. The drought in California spilled over into the Lake Tahoe area giving the resort owners and CEOs a scare. Not Andy Wirth. Andy understands the parks and wilderness enough to understand this was not going to affect all of the mountain areas. The ski resorts have about 6000 acres and over 4000 will usually be white with snow during the winter season. Andy was one of the first people to come to the rescue of the season by letting everyone know that the winter season is not the only season that the mountains are alive with tourist. He also reminds the resort owners that there are a lot of acres in those mountains. Andy Wirth has over 25 years’ experience working with the wilderness and resorts so he surely has seen a few winters.

Andy Wirth is the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO. He is also the new Chairman of the Airport Authority in Nevada the Reno-Tahoe. Andy has been one of the bosses on the show Undercover Boss and he has been involved with Mergers and Debates about the resorts. Andy is the person that was the manager of a global marketing firm, President of Mountain Village and now CEO of one of the highest ranked ski resorts in the Tahoe area.

One of the things Andy is doing is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Navy Seal Foundation. He may be one of the busiest men in the California area but he loves what he does. Staying active is very important. Andy lets everyone know about the recent accident that almost took his arm. He was skydiving and fell on top of a post. This post almost severed his arm unrepairable. After surgery, he lost some use of his arm. With the accident came insight. Andy now lets everyone know about his accident but he also tells others about people that are protecting us. When they get injured they are usually out of the military. One of the best people helping others, Andy Wirth is a household name.

The Freedom to be Safe in Confinement

Having to live with the concept that you made a terrible mistake and must now pay for that slip in judgment leads to powerful self-reflection and regret. Being confined to jails or prisons leaves family members feeling empty and scared, and when disaster strikes, such as flooding, then those feelings increase many times over what they normally are. The state of Louisiana is currently dealing with a heavy increase of flooding, and while family members of incarcerated individuals have the option to move away from disaster zones, their loved ones in jail or prison do not. Securus Technologies, in an attempt to bring to these worried people some peace of mind, are offering their calling services to inmates and their family members in Louisiana for free.


 Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and is primarily responsible for bringing excellent communication options to inmates and their families. Securus has released a free mobile application that interested parties can choose to download to their Android or Apple device, which allows them to video chat comfortably and easily. For inmates who are used to cold atmospheres and frustrating wait periods for visitation, these types of technological advances are extremely useful and welcome.


In a nation where inmates are normally forgotten, it is nice to see a company who humbly attempts to represent them as Securus Technologies does. Family members of individuals currently facing incarceration in Louisiana can at least rest more soundly knowing that they can video chat with their loved one and check in from time to time to make sure that everything is doing well with them.


Malini Saba Investor With A Mission

Malini Saba is a South Asian investor and philanthropist. She is also the chairman of Saban Capital Groups Inc. a leading private investment company based in Los Angeles. Saban is currently involved in making investments in both public and private companies. A few of their current investment include Celestial Tiger Entertainment, BUSTLE, ironSource Ltd., Partner Communications, and PlayBuzz. They also have had or now have varied interests in technology companies in the United States, oil and gas companies in China a real estate in Australia and India. Her career in investments began as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. This is where she gained her investing experience working with more than 20 technology companies including, PayPal Inc., Sycamore Networks Inc., and Netscreen Technologies Inc.

In 2001 Malina started “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” a non-profit organization whose goal was to change the way low-income and women and children who are at risk see themselves in society. Her nonprofit organization was inaugurated by former President of the United States Bill Clinton and the former Queen of Jordon Noor Al-Hussein. In addition to her philanthropy, in 2005, donated $1 Million dollars to start up the El Camino Hospital, a South Asian Heart Research Center in Mountain View California. In 2004 Malini also toured the Tsunami torn areas of India and Sri Lanka and pledged 10 Million dollars to help the victims there.

The path she took to be an investor is also rather interesting. Malini wanted to invest in companies but was unable to get into a Venture Capital group. As a result, she formed Saban where she is its Chairman. Saban has a wide range of investments and interests worldwide including technology and real estate. She has always been a contrarian investor too. Her take on investments is to look at market trends and then do the opposite thing. In talking about this, her take is to look at where the world will be in 3-5 years based on what is going on now. This is exactly why she focused on Indian real estate in the early part of this century. Because of her feeling that it was going to boom the returns on investments she made in real estate in India over the last 10 years have been outstanding. Similarly, she saw a lot of potential in the commodity markets. In addition, it like real estate you have to ride it out. Because we see this as an opportunity, however, she owns almost 13000 acres of palm oil and thousands of acres of rice fields. The reason we got into this so heavily is that we see the potential for great growth in this area. Malini also owns and operates iron ore mines and more agriculture space, and feels that commodities are a space that will only continue to grow and never slow down.